June Guest Speaker: Dr. Shawn Haywood

  Feeling Great Takes Intentional Practice Dr. Shawn Haywood is the Founder and President of “Liberate My Life.” She specializes in designing whole life happiness and success with her clients, from business start-ups to 50 million dollar companies, from relationship renovation and emotional eating, to eliminating chaos (mental, emotional, and physical) and slowing down! RSVP and save your […]

January Guest Speaker: Melissa Galt

Savvy Secrets for Turning Your Ordinary Business into an Exclusive Success Story ~ For Smart Female Entrepreneurs Ready to Make More Money with Better Clients and Have Time to Enjoy a Fabulous Life ~ In this Gold Nugget Packed Session, You Will Learn How To: Attract and Capture Upscale Ideal Clients, Leave the Energy Vampires […]

February Speaker: Gail Dunn

**** POSTPONED DUE TO WEATHER **** Thinking about replacing your car in 2014? Curious to see what you can do to keep “old reliable” running at tip-top shape? Come hear Gail Dunn on … Everything You Need to Know About Cars * (*but Were Afraid to Ask) Gail Dunn will be sharing information regarding maintenance, […]