February Guest Speaker: Diana Murphy

Start the New Year with a Confident Mindset Fueled for Success Learn the secret that Diana Murphy, weight loss coach for CEO’s and Leaders, teaches her clients when they learn to lose weight for good. Many of us hear that ‘How we do one thing, is how we do many things’ well what we may […]

January Guest Speaker: Amy Magner

The Top 4 Strategies To Look Younger, Energize Your Life And Reclaim Vitality Have you accepted that it’s normal to feel like crap and tired all the time? Is your body out of whack body with unwanted weight, energy depletion, hormonal chaos, or brain fog? Are you settling for less than you deserve? You will […]

September Speaker: Dr. Cailen Wells

Learn to be Unbreakable – Even When the Odds are Against You! Feeling like life is going to break you? Are there too many stressors in your life? Learn how to become unbreakable, even when all odds are against you! Dr. Cailen Wells is going to teach you the 4 keys to building the red […]

July Speaker: Jenya Hampton

Eating Healthy On The Run Today’s busy lifestyles make it harder to eat healthy. It is time to take control of your health! In this month’s meeting, you will learn strategies to keep yourself and your family healthy while on the run! Jenya Hampton is a certified clinical nutritionist. Some of Jenya’s 14 years in […]

November Speaker: Jenya Hampton

“The REAL Secret to Health and Longevity” Find out what makes your genes express health or disease, and how you can use this information to improve your health and longevity. Jenya Hampton is a certified clinical nutritionist. Some of Jenya’s 14 years in the nutritional industry have included setting up nutritional recovery departments for two […]