July Guest Speaker: Elyshia Brooks

Branding the Authentic You Elyshia Brooks is the President of Elyshia Brooks International, Inc. / BrandNique™, Inc. a brand manager for entrepreneurs, business owners, ministries, non-profit organizations, colleges and small to mid-size companies. … [Continue reading]

May Guest Speaker: Myra McElhaney

Creating Connections on Purpose and for Profit . Do you hate networking or attending networking events? . Do you attend events and meet people but never get business from it? . Do you get business cards and not follow up because you don’t want … [Continue reading]

April Guest Speaker: Martha Lanier

The Power of Effective Presentation Skills: Captivating Audiences from One to a Thousand Martha Lanier worked for many years in the corporate world before leaving to start her own company as a professional speaker. Today she travels throughout the … [Continue reading]

March Guest Speaker: Wendy Kinney

Making Money at the Table Wendy Kinney is the trainer and speaker who gets people in shape to do great business. As the power and energy behind Ready, Set, Go Make Money! her programs are informed by 20 years of living and breathing effective … [Continue reading]

February Guest Speaker: Lisa Fey

Improv Your Way to Success at Work and Home What happens when you combine a career in corporate America, an MBA from a top business school and improv comedy?  Then add in a passion to learn and teach? You get a smart and experienced storyteller … [Continue reading]

January Guest Speaker: Melissa Galt

Savvy Secrets for Turning Your Ordinary Business into an Exclusive Success Story ~ For Smart Female Entrepreneurs Ready to Make More Money with Better Clients and Have Time to Enjoy a Fabulous Life ~ In this Gold Nugget Packed Session, You Will … [Continue reading]

December Guest Speaker: Tricia Molloy

CRAVE Your Goals! 5 Surprisingly Simple Steps to Reduce Stress and Be More Positive, Proactive and Productive Did you know that universal laws are always at work that either support or sabotage our success? Laws like "The Universe abhors a vacuum" … [Continue reading]

November Guest Speaker: Danita Knight

How Successful Businesswomen Give Back AND Grow Personally and Professionally Danita Knight is a motivational speaker and event, public relations and fundraising consultant. Prior to relocating to Atlanta 14 years ago, Knight was vice president for … [Continue reading]

October Speaker: Katharine Pike

Mindfulness for High Performance Mindfulness is often described as a mental state achieved by focusing one's awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one's thoughts and sensations. Learn specifically how you can … [Continue reading]

September Speaker: Dr. Cailen Wells

Learn to be Unbreakable - Even When the Odds are Against You! Feeling like life is going to break you? Are there too many stressors in your life? Learn how to become unbreakable, even when all odds are against you! Dr. Cailen Wells is going to … [Continue reading]