March Guest Speaker: Monica Matthews

“Blurred Lines”

Monica Matthews is a WSB radio host, author, Grammy-nominated vocal artist, musician, Christian, political and business consultant, a single mother of one amazing daughter and widow of 17 years to ALS.

Serving as campaign managerspeechwriter, and minister (coupled with the struggles of single motherhood) have taught her so much about life! And it’s from all this LIFE that she speaks, shares, cares and seeks to help YOU connect the dots. 

ABWA is excited and honored that Monica will talk to us at our March luncheon about “Blurred Lines.”

Tickets Available Now!

Info for attendees:

What do you get for your fee to attend? A lot!.  

LOCATION!  Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse – 11655 Haynes Bridge Road, Alpharetta, GA 30009. You will dine on a delicious lunch and a presentation by the above fabulous speaker.

Please RSVP by noon on Tuesday, March 6th.


Everyone in attendance will be able to stand and give a 60-second info minute on her business. And a previously selected member will be featured in a live 10-minute interview or “Member Spotlight.”

After we hear from our fabulous speaker, we will have a few minutes for people to share a brief, current testimonial from people in the room. This is a nice way to close the meeting; you can feel the energy and realize the valuable business relationships that have begun at our monthly meetings.

And of course, we will end with door prizes, for which you are welcome to bring a prize (completely voluntary, but feel free to bring a prize worth at least $25).

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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