Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about our express network, ELEN. If you don’t find what you need, contact us. Maybe we’ll add your question to this page in the future!

Q. Why are you not industry-exclusive?

A. First off, the American Business Women’s Association does not allow industry-exclusion.

Practically speaking, industry-exclusive networking groups meet on a weekly basis. They have strict attendance–and substitute–policies. We have neither; it would be hard to manage those policies with volunteers, and the nature of many small businesses is that they cross lines between markets and industries.

Some of our members belong to weekly networking groups and they provide valuable referrals between both groups. Contact us–or ask one of us at our meeting–for introductions to weekly groups if you are interested in one.

Q. Why is the Guest price (for meetings) higher than the Member price?

A. The regular member price barely covers the cost of the meal, tax, and tip, and a portion of the speaker’s meal. The higher price for guests helps us cover administrative costs and marketing, including the on-line invitation fees and this website. Also, by offering a discount to Members, we are making it easier for women to decide to join our chapter.

Q. I missed the reservation cut-off (Tuesday at noon) AGAIN! Why can’t I just show up and pay at the door?

A. We appreciate your frustration.

Since the chef at 5 Seasons plans each luncheon for us–often with items not on the regular menu–and shops specifically for us, we need to provide a solid head count in advance. Also, the manager needs to know how to staff AND to set up the meeting room for us to minimize disruption during our fast-paced program.

We have kept our meeting date and location (second Thursday, 12 months per year, 5 Seasons) consistent for over FIVE years now. If you are not receiving invitation emails (and reminders), please contact us and we’ll add you to our email list.

NEW: As space permits, we accept non-registered walk-ins at the door. Cash payment of $40 is required, but please understand that seating may not be available.

Q. I would like to come to one of your meetings and display my product line. I would offer a discount to your members. How can I arrange this?

A. Thank you, but our monthly meetings operate in such a tight timeframe that you would be disappointed with the lack of visitors to your table. Our members are busy chatting, greeting visitors, and introducing guests to other members before the “bell” rings to sit down and begin.

On occasion, we hold large events for charity, at which vendor booths are solicited. Please watch our website or Facebook page for notices about those. (There is none currently planned for 2017 however.)

Q. I would like to come speak to ABWA ELEN. How can I arrange that?

Our Guest Speakers schedule fills up at least six months in advance. We do have a list of business-related topics our members wish to hear about. Please send your speaker’s package to Marylou Harris, VP of Programs (awesomenaturalhealing@gmail.com ). Please note that we do not pay for speakers, and we try to avoid conflicts with existing, active members.