January 2018 Guest Speaker: Sarah Spicer

  “YOU Are the Greatest Asset Your Business Has! “ Let’s face it… if you’re an entrepreneur, YOU are your brand; if you’re a corporate girl, you are a reflection of your company.  Sarah will teach us ways to make sure you are capitalizing on that precious asset that is commonly known to YOU!  Her […]

December Guest Speaker: Sharon Frame

SET YOURSELF UP FOR SUCCESS! Practical Strategies to Push Performance to the Next Level Imagine how your productivity would radically change if you deliberately “Set Yourself Up For Success!” Leadership and Speaking Coach Sharon Frame knows how that feels and she wrote the book on it! “Set Yourself Up For Success” is Ms. Frame’s life-changing […]

November Guest Speaker: Joy Ferguson

Are you tired of living in a space that is stagnant, messy and dull? Does your home’s energy reflect your personality and truth? Imagine Oprah knocking on your door for a surprise visit…does that cause a panic attack in you or a feeling of exuberance??? Most people’s homes come together as an afterthought, with no […]

October Guest Speaker: Rebecca Victor

“Games People Play – Women and the Game of Business” Business owner, and professional coach and speaker, Rebecca Victor uses her eclectic work background in sales, management, construction, safety, and education, along with her spiritual coaching skills, to facilitate the greatest level of personal and professional growth for her clients.   Join us to hear […]

September Guest Speaker: Judy Goss

“How to Network Like a Boss Babe!” Learn key strategies on how to get the most “bang for your buck” as it pertains to the time and money you invest in your networking endeavors! Don’t just show up; make connections that get results. Judy is a TV personality, radio show host, entrepreneur, and author who […]

August Guest Speaker: Laura West

Passion Plus! To grow a business you love – you need more than Passion. You need Passion + Success Habits! In this fun and inspiring talk, you’ll hear the myths behind the passion-based business and how by adding some new habits you can finally create the success you’ve dreamed of.  As women entrepreneurs, we need […]

July Guest Speaker: Greta Jaeger

“The Art of Letting Go” Successful “Confidence Coach” and Practicing Therapist, Greta Jaeger, will help us learn ways to renew ourselves by releasing old stuff with her signature talk “The Art of Letting Go.” Greta Jaeger has been a Coach since 2004. She holds an M.S. from Georgia State in Professional Counseling and a B.A […]

September Guest Speaker: Maria Sutej

Pursuing Your Dreams Most women dream of starting their own business, owning their own company, and helping other women along the way. Have you ever had a dream but just never took that first step? After 30 years as an executive with one of the world’s largest direct selling companies, Maria Sutej took the plunge […]

August Guest Speaker: Cie Murray

The Best YOU! Valuable, Credible, Notable, Powerful Woman As a four-year old kindergartner, Cie Murray loved learning how to read. What made reading more exciting was speaking the words out loud for everyone to hear. She and her mom would ride on the city bus and every sign she saw she would read each word […]

July Guest Speaker: Elyshia Brooks

Branding the Authentic You Elyshia Brooks is the President of Elyshia Brooks International, Inc. / BrandNique™, Inc. a brand manager for entrepreneurs, business owners, ministries, non-profit organizations, colleges and small to mid-size companies. Elyshia Brooks International, Inc., specializes in the discipline of personal branding for corporate executives, employees and business owners. Elyshia is a passionate […]