August Guest Speaker: Laura West

Passion Plus! To grow a business you love – you need more than Passion. You need Passion + Success Habits! In this fun and inspiring talk, you’ll hear the myths behind the passion-based business and how by adding some new habits you can finally create the success you’ve dreamed of.  As women entrepreneurs, we need […]

July Guest Speaker: Greta Jaeger

“The Art of Letting Go” Successful “Confidence Coach” and Practicing Therapist, Greta Jaeger, will help us learn ways to renew ourselves by releasing old stuff with her signature talk “The Art of Letting Go.” Greta Jaeger has been a Coach since 2004. She holds an M.S. from Georgia State in Professional Counseling and a B.A […]

September Guest Speaker: Maria Sutej

Pursuing Your Dreams Most women dream of starting their own business, owning their own company, and helping other women along the way. Have you ever had a dream but just never took that first step? After 30 years as an executive with one of the world’s largest direct selling companies, Maria Sutej took the plunge […]

August Guest Speaker: Cie Murray

The Best YOU! Valuable, Credible, Notable, Powerful Woman As a four-year old kindergartner, Cie Murray loved learning how to read. What made reading more exciting was speaking the words out loud for everyone to hear. She and her mom would ride on the city bus and every sign she saw she would read each word […]

July Guest Speaker: Elyshia Brooks

Branding the Authentic You Elyshia Brooks is the President of Elyshia Brooks International, Inc. / BrandNique™, Inc. a brand manager for entrepreneurs, business owners, ministries, non-profit organizations, colleges and small to mid-size companies. Elyshia Brooks International, Inc., specializes in the discipline of personal branding for corporate executives, employees and business owners. Elyshia is a passionate […]

May Guest Speaker: Myra McElhaney

Creating Connections on Purpose and for Profit . Do you hate networking or attending networking events? . Do you attend events and meet people but never get business from it? . Do you get business cards and not follow up because you don’t want to sell? If you answered, “Yes” to any of these questions […]

April Guest Speaker: Martha Lanier

The Power of Effective Presentation Skills: Captivating Audiences from One to a Thousand Martha Lanier worked for many years in the corporate world before leaving to start her own company as a professional speaker. Today she travels throughout the country presenting entertaining yet powerful programs at women’s events. Martha has been privileged to share her […]

August Speaker: Patricia Gagne

Using Your Inner Strength to Overcome Obstacles in the Business World Based upon her book, The Heroic Self, Patricia will discuss dealing with change, mistakes, and even defeat(!) in the business world. She invites open discussion of these difficult issues and offers a new approach to dealing with them. Patricia is a local author, artist […]

March Speaker: Rachel Berhannan

Remember the old cliché “get your house in order?” Now is the time to do so. In this presentation, Rachel will talk about some small changes in financial habits that will make big changes in both your business and personal finances. With over 30 years of Accounting, Tax and Financial experience, Rachel Berhannan has been […]

January Speaker: Betty Fowler

2013 was all about planning and letting go of what wasn’t working. 2014 will be about growth and taking advantage of new opportunities for personal and business success! The question is “Will you be ready and able to receive them?” Betty Fowler will share simple and specific Feng Shui tips to get you and your […]