June Guest Speaker: Dr. Shawn Haywood

  Feeling Great Takes Intentional Practice Dr. Shawn Haywood is the Founder and President of “Liberate My Life.” She specializes in designing whole life happiness and success with her clients, from business start-ups to 50 million dollar companies, from relationship renovation and emotional eating, to eliminating chaos (mental, emotional, and physical) and slowing down! RSVP and save your […]

May Guest Speaker: Celia Cortes

Make Your Attacker the Victim! Women make easier victims, and some say it’s due to their size and more mild nature. Let’s change that mindset! Prepare yourself to mentally and physically respond to an emergency or fight back in the event of an attack. Make your attacker regret the moment you were chosen! Celia Cortes, […]

April Guest Speaker: Jenya Hampton

As a mother and a soon-to-be grandmother, one of Jenya’s personal missions in life is to educate women and their families on the right nutrition so they can regain and maintain optimal health without unnecessary drugs or surgeries. As a clinical nutritionist and educator, her presentations explain simple ways to stay healthy for the long […]

March Guest Speaker: Dr. Karen Tedeschi (“Dr. T”)

How to Create Your Perfect Environment Internally Doctor T owns a natural solutions healthcare center in Atlanta, GA. She has studied chiropractic, applied kinesiology, nutrition, and multiple therapies including massage, Reiki, and Pranic Healing. She has been the “go to” practitioner for many vocal coaches, business owners, athletes, and the “future leaders of America.” With […]

February Guest Speaker: Diana Murphy

Start the New Year with a Confident Mindset Fueled for Success Learn the secret that Diana Murphy, weight loss coach for CEO’s and Leaders, teaches her clients when they learn to lose weight for good. Many of us hear that ‘How we do one thing, is how we do many things’ well what we may […]

January Guest Speaker: Amy Magner

The Top 4 Strategies To Look Younger, Energize Your Life And Reclaim Vitality Have you accepted that it’s normal to feel like crap and tired all the time? Is your body out of whack body with unwanted weight, energy depletion, hormonal chaos, or brain fog? Are you settling for less than you deserve? You will […]

March Guest Speaker: Wendy Kinney

Making Money at the Table Wendy Kinney is the trainer and speaker who gets people in shape to do great business. As the power and energy behind Ready, Set, Go Make Money! her programs are informed by 20 years of living and breathing effective networking practices. How effective? In 1995, she opened Atlanta’s PowerCore office […]

February Guest Speaker: Lisa Fey

Improv Your Way to Success at Work and Home What happens when you combine a career in corporate America, an MBA from a top business school and improv comedy?  Then add in a passion to learn and teach? You get a smart and experienced storyteller that shares her unique perspective in a way that can […]

January Guest Speaker: Melissa Galt

Savvy Secrets for Turning Your Ordinary Business into an Exclusive Success Story ~ For Smart Female Entrepreneurs Ready to Make More Money with Better Clients and Have Time to Enjoy a Fabulous Life ~ In this Gold Nugget Packed Session, You Will Learn How To: Attract and Capture Upscale Ideal Clients, Leave the Energy Vampires […]

December Guest Speaker: Tricia Molloy

CRAVE Your Goals! 5 Surprisingly Simple Steps to Reduce Stress and Be More Positive, Proactive and Productive Did you know that universal laws are always at work that either support or sabotage our success? Laws like “The Universe abhors a vacuum” and “What you focus on expands.” Tricia Molloy, an acclaimed corporate leadership speaker and […]