March Guest Speaker: Dr. Karen Tedeschi (“Dr. T”)

How to Create Your Perfect Environment Internally

Doctor T owns a natural solutions healthcare center in Atlanta, GA. She has studied chiropractic, applied kinesiology, nutrition, and multiple therapies including massage, Reiki, and Pranic Healing. She has been the “go to” practitioner for many vocal coaches, business owners, athletes, and the “future leaders of America.”

With three decades of helping people regain their health, including getting people up and moving again after not being able to do so for extended periods of time, Dr. T’s view is radically different. She appreciates and shares that health is a choice and not about how you “feel” at the moment. Wellness is for everyone, everyday.

In her talk Dr. T will be exploring the brain/gut relationship and how it affects you. She will give you some simple tips that you can apply today to start to create your optimal internal environment and explain how this can empower you.