December Guest Speaker: Sharon Frame


Practical Strategies to Push Performance to the Next Level

Imagine how your productivity would radically change if you deliberately “Set Yourself Up For Success!” Leadership and Speaking Coach Sharon Frame knows how that feels and she wrote the book on it!

Set Yourself Up For Success” is Ms. Frame’s life-changing seven-part business workshop that helps supervisors, managers, employees, small business owners and others rekindle their passion to excel and shift their “success” drive into high gear.  The seminar can be taught as seven separate stand-alone modules, or together as one comprehensive, lengthier program.

The interactive workshop teaches clients how to deliberately co-create their most productive and rewarding life by re-programming how they think, believe, speak and perform.

Imagine how “Set Yourself Up For Success” could radically invigorate, motivate and empower managers, workers, clients to benefit business! That could quickly boost employee morale as well as a company’s bottom line!

Sharon Frame /Executive Speech & Leadership Consultant/Speaker


Info for attendees:

What do you get for your fee to attend? A lot!. NEW LOCATION! The Diner at North Point 2355 Mansell Rd, Alpharetta, GA 30022 You will dine on a delicious lunch and a presentation by the above fabulous speaker.

Please RSVP by noon on Tuesday, December 12th


Everyone in attendance will be able to stand and give a 60-second info minute on her business. And a previously selected member will be featured in a live 10-minute interview or “Member Spotlight.”

After we hear from our fabulous speaker, we will have a few minutes for people to share a brief, current testimonials from people in the room. This is a nice way to close the meeting; you can feel the energy and realize the valuable business relationships that have begun at our monthly meetings.

And of course, we will end with door prizes, for which you are welcome to bring a prize (completely voluntary, but feel free to bring a prize worth at least $25).

Looking forward to seeing you there!

We hope you can make it!

Cheers, ABWA-ELEN Express Network