September Guest Speaker: Maria Sutej


Pursuing Your Dreams

Most women dream of starting their own business, owning their own company, and helping other women along the way. Have you ever had a dream but just never took that first step?

After 30 years as an executive with one of the world’s largest direct selling companies, Maria Sutej took the plunge and decided to pursue her dream. LaLure is the first ever direct selling apparel company to target women sizes 10 and up and at LaLure, we believe that all women are beautiful, they are powerful and loving, brilliant and strong, resourceful and brave.

There were 10 very valuable lessons that she learned as an executive with a Fortune 500 company that positioned her to create and build the company of my dreams, and one of great opportunity. The evolution from an idea to a company in 18 months included 6 key steps:

  • Creating a Vision and Mission
  • Calling on all relationships
  • Finding a partner
  • Building the plan
  • Raising the Capital
  • Launching the business