July Guest Speaker: Elyshia Brooks


Branding the Authentic You

Elyshia Brooks is the President of Elyshia Brooks International, Inc. / BrandNique™, Inc. a brand manager for entrepreneurs, business owners, ministries, non-profit organizations, colleges and small to mid-size companies. Elyshia Brooks International, Inc., specializes in the discipline of personal branding for corporate executives, employees and business owners. Elyshia is a passionate entrepreneur through coaching, consulting, training and speaking engagements to conduct her Personal Branding Intelligence™ Programs both nationally and internationally through her Authentic Personal Branding Institute™. Her mastery in the areas of business, marketing, and brand management motivates the type of performance that maximizes leadership potential and increases brand awareness whereby leading clients to generate personal life transformation.

Elyshia’s purpose and passion is also Empowering Women to believe in themselves and to go after their dreams and allow God to lead and direct them through their journey of transformation into the women they were called to be. Ms. Brooks shows you how to find your authentic voice and how to share it with the world where your purpose, passion and pursuit bring forth the lifestyle that you desire and that your business will reward you with. It is time to understand that you and your brand are one and you need to Own It, Live It and BE It! Find your authentic voice, to live a GODthentic Lifestyle™ and scream to the world exactly who you are and who you are called to be according to God, so that you can attract and serve your divine clients that are willing to pay you what you are worth. Her Motto is BE & LIVE Your BRAND!™