August Guest Speaker: Cie Murray

Cie Murray

The Best YOU! Valuable, Credible, Notable, Powerful Woman

As a four-year old kindergartner, Cie Murray loved learning how to read. What made reading more exciting was speaking the words out loud for everyone to hear. She and her mom would ride on the city bus and every sign she saw she would read each word out loud. The passengers on the bus got to hear her say “STOP”, “YIELD”, “Nothin says Lovin Like Something from the Oven”, the Pillsbury Dough Boy. It’s reported that some of the bus passengers had a fund raiser to help her parents get a car, just so they wouldn’t have to hear that little brat read out loud anymore. As she got older, she was asked to speak on many programs at church and school. She never thought about being a speaker, all she knew is that she loved sharing with and inspiring others.

Cie, also known as Your MOTORvator® is an award winning author and performance coach who motivates teams to perform at their best. She delivers keynotes and workshops to organizations like the National Baseball League, New York Life, Re/Max, and the Network of Executive Women (NEW). As a former consumer package goods sales producer & marketing leader for Del Monte & Hanes, our speaker understands the heart of leaders and workers in business environments.

She holds an MBA in marketing from Georgia Tech, an undergraduate from Georgia State, loves hiking, basketball & spending time with family.